Ioulia is a multidisciplinary designer and artistic researcher. Her interests lie in the encounters between diverse fields, exploring unexpected connections between science, artistic practices and human tradition. She holds a degree in Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens and pursued further studies in Interaction Design at UCL in London. Ioulia has garnered experience working for studios and in theatre productions across Europe. Currently, she is a doctoral fellow in Art Science in Ghent University, where her research focuses on the transmission of embodied knowledge through immersive and interactive technologies. Her unique background enables her to transcend traditional disciplines, and she frequently engages in collaborations with both artists and scientists. Using data, computer graphics and scientific concepts, her work aims to reveal the imperceptible forces that shape our lives, forging a connection with the more than human world.


2024, Art4Sea, Art Residency on Ocean Conservation and Climate Change, Alonissos, Greece (upcoming)

2023, Funken Summer Academy | Art & Science project, Klub Solitaer e.v in collaboration with Ars Electronica and WRO ART Center

2018, I&O Residency, Izmit, Turkey


2023, Funken Academy Exhibition, Chemnitz, Germany,

2023, DRHA Conference, Turin, Italy

2018, I:O Art Residency I Kedi Art Gallery, Izmit, Turkey

2018, Now&After International Video Art Festival, Competition program

2014, Adhocracy : From making things to making the commons, Onassis Cultural Center, Athens, Greece


2021-2025, PhD in Art Science, Ghent University

2016-2017, MArch in Architectural Design | Design for performance and interaction, UCL

2009-2016, Integrated Master in Architectural Design, National Technical University of Athens


2023, IFTR, Intermediality in Theatre Group, Accra, Ghana

2023, Convergence Seminar on technological and somatic perspectives on interdisciplinary artistic practices, Antwerp, Belgium

2022, IFTR, Intermediality in Theatre Group, Reyjkavik, Iceland

2022, 2nd New Media Art Archiving Summit, ISEA, Barcelona


2024, Entangling Embodied Practices through interaction in VR, Documenta Journal, with La Selva A., Maes P.J.

2023, From capture to texture: affective environments for theatre training in virtual reality (VR), Theatre and Performance Design Journal, with La

Selva A., Maes P.J.