entangling practices

Entangling Practices is a Virtual Reality (VR) experience composed by three distinctive exercises from Odin theatre group - Resonators, Slow Motion, and Out of Balance - which are explored using audiovisual and interactive elements, accompanied by a navigation system connecting them. Each exercise can be experienced either through the demonstration of a virtual character or through an interactive encounter, rooted in a translation of the inherent characteristics of each exercise. A dynamic menu unfolds based on the participant's chosen route, which leads to exercises of varied interactivity, thus contributing to a captivating journey through an embodied archive of techniques.

Concept : Adriana La Selva & Ioulia Marouda

Design & Implementation : Ioulia Marouda

Assistance : Axel Belin, David DuBois

A project conducted at Ghent University, funded by

FWO Research Institute Flanders